Workshops and Talks


Asha has extensive experience of running workshops in a variety of settings, from the university and adult education context, focusing on compositions and/or improvisation to coaching children to finding ways to creating new music ‘on the hoof with all ages.

Her sessions for children feature lively, imaginative and activities that make ‘serious’ music and ideas pure fun. She is experienced in teaching children one-to-one and in class sizes. She can lead children in singing, instrumental ensembles or more specific musical topics as required.

Some of her common workshop templates include:

Jazz and beyond

From Maqam to Modern

Blending Musics


Already a seasoned public speaker, Asha has been interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, taken part in a political panel alongside Natalie Bennett for Assemblies for Democracy and given talks about her work with music in the community to multi-faith groups and others.

Examples of talks include:

Voices Beyond Divisions – a project that made a difference.

Making music beyond divisions.