Kalpadruma is a five to twelve piece ensemble fusing a range of musical genres, from jazz to contemporary classical to classical Indian, Turkish folk music, Arabic maqam,  and Spanish flamenco. The unorthodox line-up (string quartet, trumpet, saxophone, bass clarinet, flute and rhythm section) goes with the group’s unusual sonic identity. It features two BBC Young Musician finalists and a semi-finalist , offering what’s been described as ‘a fiery feast of additive rhythms and Messaienesque harmonies and “feel-good” melodies’.

Group members also run imaginative and engaging workshops.

Kalpadruma Quintet

While the twelve-piece ensemble features more fully notated works, the quintet works with the material creatively, adding numbers Asha has used as compositional inspiration, such as Zyryab (Paco de Lucia).

For details of Kalpadruma performances including a monthly residency at The Ritzy in Brixton, see Live Dates

Current line-up for the quintet: Reuben Goldmark (piano), Joe Parks (cajon and percussion), Charlie Heywood (guitar), Harry Pearce (bass guitar) with Asha Parkinson on alto, tenor and soprano saxophones.

Voices Beyond Divisions

Asha believes that music has an important role in bringing people together and fostering positive changes –  musicians need to be involved in the world beyond simply creating and performing music. 

She certainly ‘walked the talk’ when she created her astonishing project, Voices Beyond Divisions when she was just sixteen and plans to develop this initiative further shortly.

See Voices Beyond Divisions website here